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Why is Ahok so phenomenal? Thousands of bouquet and love for Ahok and Djarot.

Say it with flowers?

Thousands Bouquet for Ahok. An expression of love and a sign of gratitude for a governor who was defeated in an election in Jakarta, Indonesia. The victory of the opponent, seemed to be drowned in the midst of thousands of flowers that continue to flow into the City Hall in Jakarta.

Ahok the governor of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia failed to defend his post as governor for the period 2017 - 2022. Although Ahok lost the election, Ahok has won millions of hearts of his supporters, not only Jakarta residents, but his fans outside the region, even abroad . The day after being declared lost on a quick count, there are thousands of large bouquets of flowers coming to City Hall, the office to be occupied Ahok until October 2017. Flowers continue to arrive every day.  There is not enough space in the City Hall, so it should be put on the sidewalk surrounding area.
Ahok, Ahok Djarot, Ahok vs Anies, bouquet for Ahok, love for Ahok, rock star, Jakarta, Anies Sandi
Ahok will never walk alone. 
To the surprise of Ahok's supporters and opponents, wreaths also came from outside regions such as Papua, Menado, Medan, even from Australia, America and Europe. Ahok had asked his supporters to no longer send a wreath, but the wave of flowers can not be stopped. His supporters still send wreaths every day to say thank you, and the expression of love, for the performance and dedication of Ahok to the citizens of Jakarta.

But why?

Ahok is known to have high integrity in running the government, even this has been proven when he became regent in his village, East Bangka Belitung, North Sumatra. Ahok's anti-corruption attitude was also consistently implemented when he became a member of the House in Senayan, Jakarta. Meanwhile Djarot, the deputy was also successful in running the bureaucracy when he became mayor of Blitar, in East Java. Ahok and Djarot are small examples of public officials who have integrity, transparency and prioritize the interests of the people they lead.
Ahok, Ahok Djarot, Ahok vs Anies, bouquet for Ahok, love for Ahok, rock star, Jakarta, Anies Sandi
Thousands Bouquet for Ahok. Image:
There are many bouquets of flowers continue to arrive daily to the City Hall, and surprisingly thousands of people also continue to come to the City Hall. 

They want to directly shake hands with Ahok, and of course take pictures of selfie with the governor, now famous also Ahok the little Nemo. The parable as Nemo is an expression of Ahok to describe himself as a Nemo that can ultimately save other fish from the meshes of fishermen's nets.

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or more often referred to as Ahok, despite losing the gubernatorial election on April 19, 2017, the presence of thousands of bouquets and the flood of people coming to the town hall to shake hands, and making selfie photos have made local, national, even journalists By foreign media.
Ahok, Ahok Djarot, Ahok vs Anies, bouquet for Ahok, love for Ahok, rock star, Jakarta, Anies Sandi
                                                                  Ahok and Djarot. Image:

In an article in the Singapore Straits Times, entitled "More than a thousand turn up at Indonesia's City Hall to pay tribute to Ahok", the media edition Tuesday, April 26, 2017 writes the coverage of hundreds of wreaths for the couple Ahok-Djarot Saiful meet City Hall. Meanwhile an American media, Vice wrote that Ahok is like rock star in the last tour, so his fans send flowers and messages of love to him to City Hall. The title of the article on the media was titled "A Torrent of Love And Flower Arrangements Flood City Hall For Ahok".

Meanwhile, Coconut, a Filipino media, picked up the extraordinary event titled "After election loss, City Hall flooded with flower boards and Ahok mobbed by fans expressing thanks and sympathy". Why Ahok can make such big news for more than two days, which is supposed to last for a long time. This fact creates the envy of political opponents. There are a lot of amazement expressions from netizens and social media: Ahok has been defeated by the political opponent, but the citizens of Jakarta apparently prefer to send thousands of wreaths for Ahok and Djarot.

Is a big question, is there a "hidden" power, but actually has actually defeated Ahok in the recent election of the governor? Keep in mind, some supporters of the opponents have used religious and racial issues to steal voters from Ahok's supporters, especially Ahok's Muslim voters. There is a systematic movement from within the city of Jakarta that raises this issue every day, both in social media and through lectures at mosques, and Islamic religious teachings in mosques and houses.
Ahok, Ahok Djarot, Ahok vs Anies, bouquet for Ahok, love for Ahok, rock star, Jakarta, Anies Sandi
More bouquet for Ahok Djarot. Image:
There are several Islamic organizations that have demonstrated in Jakarta several times, even this movement is also conducted outside Jakarta. For you to know, Ahok is a Chinese citizen of Chinese descent, and he is a Christian. These racial and religious issues may have been commonplace in the previous era, but there were intimidations and threats, which afflict Muslims who voted for Ahok in the first round of elections. The threats include a ban on bathing the bodies of Muslims if they die. This intimidation is not only verbal, but also a banner posted in front of the mosque, and become viral in social media like Faceboo and Twitter.

Finally, Ahok and Djarot were defeated in the second round of elections. The victory of the challengers in the Jakarta elections, Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno failed to make their victory as a glorious victory throughout Jakarta. As it turns out, mainstream media and social media have been livened up by over 4,000 beautiful floral arrangements to City Hall in Jakarta, and government offices in other cities such as Batam, Medan and several other cities in Indonesia. 

PS: If you're curious, let's take a look at the YouTube video below, so you'll understand better who Ahok is.

Is interesting article title on American media, Vice with string of sentences: Ahok like rockstar aka rock star in the last tour, so his fans send flowers and messages of love to him to City Hall. There are millions of people in Indonesia and abroad who will commemorate the title of this article: "A Torrent of Love And Flower Arrangements Flood City Hall For Ahok"

By the way, are there any other politicians in your country who have experienced such experiences as Ahok has experienced? Winning or losing in any politics or sport is an ordinary event, but if any loser gets the thousands of beautiful wreaths of course it is an extraordinary event. This event can be an inspiration to anyone, especially public officials.

A governor, mayor, president or king & queen is not a person to be served by their people, but must serve the people sincerely. Ahok also once said, that the people of Jakarta is the boss, and the governor is a servant of the people. Now, Ahok and Djarot have gained the real prize as servants of the people. 

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