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Due to Donald Trump hit by tax issues, Hillary Clinton is probably the best choice for Americans

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: The Americans intellect is being tested on the hottest elections throughout history.

Donald Trump's credibility at stake for tax evasion. The credibility of the United States was also tested in the determination of a new president in the presidential campaign in November 2016. Trump allegedly been evading taxes for 18 years. However, The New York Times claimed to have received the majority of tax documents Trump, recorded since 1995, which declared him a loss of US$ 915 million which makes Trump legally not pay taxes.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, Barack Obama, American Election, White House, Hillary Clinton,
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Image:
New York Times also mentions that the loss is very large that the Republican presidential candidate could avoid the obligation to pay taxes legally for 18 years. Meanwhile also reported that Trump campaign team refused to open the proof of payment of the tax and did not confirm or deny the extent of loss of Trump.

The campaign team of Donald Trump refused to confirm or deny the report, but said the tax take documents 'illegally obtained'. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, said that the tax case of Trump was "very surprising." Meanwhile, the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie said that the New York Times article is "very good news" because it shows just how of a genius Trump can avoid the tax for 18 years. If this is true, then the intellect of the voters in the United States are also being tested, whether a tax evaders could be allowed to lead this great country from the White House.
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, Barack Obama, American Election, White House, Hillary Clinton,
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In addition to Barack Obama, there are many well-known celebrities who claimed that Donald Trump does not deserve to be president of the United States. Trump shrewdness as a real estate entrepreneur has not quite be authorized to become a leader of a superpower. Trump is also doubtful if given the authority to hold the "key card" of nuclear weapons in a time when Americans got the dangerous threats of the enemies of the state. 

Trump is also famous because he has a unique hairstyle also not friendly to immigrants, and excessive fear to the Muslims, not to mention matters related to the issue of temperament. Perhaps the emotions and temperament of Trump is only suitable for use in his business empire, or on a TV show Donald Trump is famous for.

Perhaps you still remember the first presidential debate was fierce on Monday, Hillary seems to have forced Trump to defend themselves for not opening their tax payment records, and said that Trump hide "bad thing". When Clinton accused of tax arrears Trump, Trump said, "Because I'm smart." The big question, what is meant by "smart" was. Is Trump intelligence has insulted the intelligence of the Americans?
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump, Barack Obama, American Election, White House, Hillary Clinton,
Hillary Clinton at the White House. Image:

 By the way, the American people still have a chance a few months to reflect and think more wisely before determining the huge choice when elections are very important in the 21st century. 

A president of a country may be analogized like a CEO of a huge company, but there are other requirements that must be owned, that the political acumen, knowledge of the issues of foreign, international relations, and high wisdom to sort out the advice of the secretary (minister), and how to respond to the will of the people, and diplomacy with other world leaders.

The American people can be said still lucky to be Hillary Clinton who seems to still be an option, especially no other candidates. Hillary is not perfect, of course, but he has the capacity and fuller experience to be president and led the country from the White House. This election is also the best opportunity for Americans to have a first woman president in the history of democracy in the United States. There are many countries that have had women presidents such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and several other countries also have a female Prime Minister. Are Americans brave enough to choose a woman as their president?
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